4 Reasons Why You Need Personal Accident Insurance for Your Road Trip

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Going on a Road Trip? Here's Why You Need a Personal Accident Insurance

Going on a Road Trip? Here's Why You Need a Personal Accident Insurance

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Personal Accident Insurance

India is proud to have 53 national highways, making it a great place to plan a road trip. In fact, given the country’s geographic diversity, a road trip in India can be electrifying. It’s even more exciting when travelling along with friends or family who share a passion for adventure! It may involve driving through mountainous terrains (like from Manali to Leh or Shimla to Kinnaur), along smooth plains (like Chennai to Pondicherry) or on picturesque highways (like Puri to Konark). A road trip is probably the best way to experience the countryside and bond with your fellow passengers.


Aren’t You Forgetting Something?


You’ve probably been planning and preparing for this trip for quite some time. You’ve thought of and packed everything – sunglasses, travel pillows, water bottles, hand sanitizer, travel mug and snacks! You’ve checked the route on Google maps and you’ve ensured the vehicle is tuned up. So, you’re all set to go!

Wait! Have you thought of personal accident insurance? When planning a road trip, the last thing you wish to think about is an unfortunate event, right? After all, you’re looking forward to having the time of your life.

Did you know India has about 2 million kilometers of roads, out of which more than 1 million kilometers is poorly constructed, to begin with? Even the roads that had been constructed and surfaced properly are largely badly maintained. Many of these roads don’t have adequate pavements or barriers preventing animals from sprinting across them. Much of the stretches aren’t lit and visibility could be low during certain parts of the day. These are enough reasons to make it a great idea to prepare for the worst! You wouldn’t want an accident to completely disrupt your or your family’s future and cause financial hardships.


Take Care of Immediate Expenses


Depending on your policy, with add-on covers, you don’t have to bear the burden of hospitalization expenses and other charges such as ambulance charges. You can focus on your recovery, rather than worry about your finances.


Safeguard Yourself & Your Loved Ones


Personal accident insurance provides a cover for permanent partial disability, temporary total disability and permanent total disability. If you suffer a grave injury, apart from expenses, there could be a loss of income at least for some time. The insurance will not only pay for expenses incurred in the treatment of injuries sustained but also provide a monthly or a gross payment till the time you aren’t working.

Even in the event of death, the future of your loved ones will be protected with a personal accident insurance.

So, if you’re planning a road trip, it’s best to find out about personal accident insurance. Remember to get everyone covered, including children.


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