Know What are the benefits of Health Insurance for Students

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10 benefits of student health insurance plans

Insurance Basics & Financial Advice If you are planning to study abroad, you might already be researching about student health insurance. Health insurance is mandatory when you are emigrating to other countries for studies. Many students pay heavy premiums for health insurance plans

10 benefits of student health insurance plans

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Student Health insurance

If you are planning to study abroad, you might already be researching about student health insurance. Health insurance is mandatory when you are emigrating to other countries for studies. Many students pay heavy premiums for health insurance plans in the countries they are studying in. However, student insurance plans are available at cheaper rates in India and are more comprehensive as compared to those available abroad. We list ten benefits that student health insurance plan in India offer-

1.Cashless hospitalisationStudent health insurance plans offer cashless hospitalisation in case if you are diagnosed with an illness or meet with an accident and require medical attention. The insurance also covers dental appointments and doctor consultations. The best part is all the claims can be settled in a cashless manner.

2. Medical treatment and diagnostic tests - Your doctor may prescribe you medical aids or diagnostic treatments or tests like X-ray, ultrasound, or blood tests for further diagnosis. These costs are also covered under the student health insurance plan.

3. Covers mental health The life of students is stressful, which can impact their mental health. Taking cognisance of this, some universities require health insurance for students to cover mental health costs as well. Hence, the student health plan also covers therapy and other related expenses

4. Transportation costs - You may need to travel to your physician or the hospital. Student health insurance plans also provide for reimbursement of the travelling costs that you may incur for reaching the hospital. This may also include ambulance charges, in case you fall seriously ill or get into an accident and need assistance to get to the hospital.

5. Transportation back to India - If you are seriously ill and wish to go back to India, the insurance plan covers the transportation costs for the same. The plan will also reimburse the travel costs for a person accompanying you based upon the requirement and necessity for the same.

6. Cover period for treatment in India - The medical insurance for students also provides for a 30-day treatment cover after reaching India for treatment. This includes the expenses incurred for any continued treatment and other follow-ups prescribed to you.

7. Compensation for study interruption -In case you are hospitalised for an extended period, you may not be able to pursue your studies further. This may interrupt your studies and can result in missed career opportunities. The health insurance for students provides for monetary compensation for such an interruption.

8. Sponsor protection​ -In case your sponsor passes away, the medical insurance plan compensates for your tuition fees for the remaining duration. This helps you complete your studies without worrying about the finances.

9. Financial aid for visits -In case you fall ill and are hospitalised for more than 7 days, and your parents need to fly down to visit you, the health insurance plan covers the cost for the same. The plan also covers the costs of visiting India to visit an ailing family member.

10.Cost of repatriation or burial -In case the student passes away, the health insurance for students covers the costs of repatriation of the body. The plan also provides for the burial expenses in case of burial/cremation in the foreign country.

Thus, medical insurance for a student is very valuable when you are planning to study abroad. It helps you financially and can help you bear and meet medical and other health-related costs. This helps you to concentrate on your studies without having to think about other financial issues related to your or your parent's health. Hence, even though medical insurance is compulsory for going to study abroad, the range of benefits that it offers, make it a must-have.


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