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Life insurance for single parent



You have scaled new heights in your career and made a mark in society. Your kids have grown up and are ready to spread their wings. You're enjoying the lifestyle your younger self would have envied and it has taken a lot of struggle and hard work to be here. Now, with the ever increasing inflation, resulting into increased cost of living, maintaining the same lifestyle in the years to come would be difficult. But this is possible, if you start planning now. At this stage, you would want to pay off your liabilities and build a corpus for yours and your children’s future.

Also, with increasing life expectancy, the major expense during your retirement would be the healthcare costs. So, it is essential that you start retirement planning today by investing in the right insurance plans.


Here's some food for thought

Boost your wealth through market linked returns or bonuses

In addition to term life insurance plans, opt for market linked or traditional plans, as per your risk appetite, as this will give a boost to your savings.

Consider Liquidity

It helps when you have the option to make withdrawals/opt for loans, during the policy term to meet sudden expenses because you are sole breadwinner for your family.

Commit to a separate Retirement Plan

Post retirement, you will have to depend on your savings. Therefore, in addition to investing for your children’s future, now is the time to start increasing the investment towards your retirement corpus. You should ensure that your retirement corpus will remain untouched by sudden financial demands including healthcare cost.

Enjoy Tax benefits

You can enjoy tax benefits as per prevailing norms under the Income Tax Act, 1961



1 Build a contingency fund

Build a contingency fund


2 Start planning for retirement

Start planning for retirement


3 Prepare for child's wedding

Prepare for child's wedding


4 Pay off your Debts

Pay off your Debts


SBI Life - eShield Next

UIN: 111N132V01

  • Level Cover with Future Proofing Benefit Option
  • Better Half Benefit Option
  • Life Cover Upto 100 Years

SBI Life - Saral Jeevan Bima

UIN: 111N128V01

  • Security for your family with a standard term plan at an affordable cost
  • Convenience of premium payment options
  • Tax Benefit*

SBI Life - Retire Smart Plus

UIN: 111L135V01

  • Retirement corpus creation through market linked returns with choice of 7 varied fund options
  • Flexibility to cater to your changing needs
  • Loyalty Additions and Terminal Addition to boost fund value

SBI Life - Smart Annuity Plus

UIN: 111N134V05

  • Guaranteed Lifetime Regular Income available from age 30
  • Freedom to choose from wide range of Annuity Options
  • Benefit of higher annuity payouts for large premium

SBI Life - New Smart Samriddhi

UIN: 111N129V03

  • Life Cover throughout the policy term
  • Simple and Swift processing
  • Guaranteed additions

SBI Life - Smart Platina Assure

UIN: 111N126V05

  • Assurance of Guaranteed Maturity Benefit in lumpsum
  • Reliability of Guaranteed Additions to boost corpus
  • Life Cover along with assured return and tax benefit

SBI Life - Smart Platina Plus

UIN: 111N133V03

  • Enjoy regular Guaranteed income during payout period
  • Flexibility to suit your life goals
  • Financial protection along with tax benefits*

SBI Life - Smart Lifetime Saver

UIN: 111N136V01

  • Life Insurance Cover till the Age of 100 years
  • Annual Survival - Income for Lifetime
  • Enhanced Protection with two optional riders

SBI Life - Smart Elite

UIN: 111L072V04

  • Market Linked Returns through 8 varied funds as per risk appetite
  • No Premium Allocation Charge from 6th policy year to enhance fund value
  • Life cover along with in-built Accident benefit

SBI Life - Smart Wealth Builder

UIN: 111L095V03

  • Market linked returns through 11 varied fund options as per risk appetite
  • Total Guaranteed Additions of upto 125% of Annual Premium based on the policy term
  • Life cover and tax benefits*

SBI Life - Retire Smart

UIN: 111L094V03

  • Build a retirement corpus through market-linked returns
  • Safeguard your Guaranteed Maturity Benefit against market volatility under Advantage Plan
  • Guaranteed Additions up to 210% of Annual Premium to boost fund value

SBI Life - Saral Retirement Saver

UIN: 111N088V03

  • Build a retirement corpus through guaranteed simple reversionary bonuses
  • Start saving for future income as early as from 18 years of age
  • Protect your loved ones with an option of additional life cover through rider
For more details on risk factors, terms and conditions please read the sales brochure carefully before concluding a sale.
For more details on riders, terms and conditions, please read rider brochure.

*Tax Benefit:
Tax benefits are as per Income Tax Laws & are subject to change from time to time. Please consult your Tax advisor for details.
You are eligible for Income Tax benefits/exemptions as per the applicable income tax laws in India, which are subject to change from time to time. You may visit our website for further details here. Please consult your tax advisor for details.