Know How Arogya Setu App Works and Helps to Stay Fit in the Pandemic

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Know how the AarogyaSetu app helps you stay safe in the pandemic

Lifestyle tips and tricks The AarogyaSetu app was developed to keep you informed about the emerging situation of COVID-19 in the country. It assesses your risk of infection and assists you in understanding the high risk areas in your vicinity

Know how the AarogyaSetu app helps you stay safe in the pandemic

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How does Aarogya Setu app work?

The AarogyaSetu app was developed to keep you informed about the emerging situation of COVID-19 in the country. It assesses your risk of infection and assists you in understanding the high risk areas in your vicinity.

But, how does the AarogyaSetu app work?

The AarogyaSetu app uses Bluetooth and a location-based contact tracing mechanism to keep you informed about your risk status.

The infection status around you

The AarogyaSetu app is constantly searching for devices with the same app in your proximity via Bluetooth. When such devices are within Bluetooth range, they exchange a digital signature securely. It includes the location, time, proximity, and duration of contact, which is stored on the mobile devices of the people in contact.

The government uses the data assimilated by the application to identify potential hotspots. This enables the authorities to take necessary measures, in time, to curb the spread.

If the people you have come in contact with in the past 14 days test positive for COVID-19, the AarogyaSetu app evaluates your risk of infection and recommends a suitable action.

Guide to fight the infection​

You have to take a self-assessment test on the app, in which you need to report your symptoms. Using this data, the AarogyaSetu app assesses the possibility of an infection. This can help you take precautions to protect yourself and your loved ones more effectively.

Know your status

The AarogyaSetu app notifies you of your risk and infection status using colours and a message on the home screen of the app. There are 4 colour-based statuses, and this is what they signify-

Green- This shows that you are safe or at low risk of infection. The following messages will be displayed along with the Green status.-

You are safe

  • If you haven’t come in contact with a COVID-19 positive person
  • If you do not have symptoms or haven’t taken the self-assessment yet

Low risk of infection

  • If you have been in contact with a COVID-19 positive person but for a short while or at a long distance
  • If you have declared mild symptoms during self-assessment

Yellow- This colour indicates a moderate risk of infection. It happens when

  • You have been in limited or distant contact with a person who has tested COVID-19 positive
  • You have declared one or more COVID-19 symptoms during the self-assessment

Orange - This status indicates a high risk of infection. It shows up when

  • You have been in the proximity of a person who has tested positive for COVID-19 for a significant amount of time
  • You have declared multiple COVID-19 symptoms during the self-assessment

Red - The home screen is red to indicate that you are COVID-19 positive

Besides, the AarogyaSetu app provides a list of ICMR-approved testing laboratories, medical advisories, and updates by the government. It also gives information regarding the positive cases in a 500m, 1 km, 2 km, 5 km and 10 km radius in the previous 30 days.

How does the AarogyaSetu app know about your COVID-19 test status?

The government has set up a central process for updating your test status on the app.

Here’s how the AarogyaSetu app knows about your COVID status:

- When you go for a COVID-19 test, the sample is collected and analysed.

- The test results are uploaded to the ICMR portal.

- If you are positive, ICMR shares your details with the app.

- Your COVID status on the AarogyaSetu app then turns red i.e. positive and contact tracing begins

As the AarogyaSetu app works with the data collected from its users, you may have questions about the data usage and security. The following FAQ sections has the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW)’s responses to some concerns.


What data does the AarogyaSetu app collect?

The app collects the following details:

  1. 1. Name
  2. 2. Gender
  3. 3. Age
  4. 4. Profession
  5. 5. Contact details
  6. 6. Travel history
  7. 7. Location details

This user-specific information is hashed with a unique digital ID and is stored on the server. You, as the user, will be identified by this ID in any further interactions with the app. This helps maintain your anonymity.

How do the government authorities use the collected information?

The Government uses the data collected at the time of registration, anonymously, for preparing datasets, heat maps, and other statistical visualisations for COVID-19 management purposes. This data may also be used for generating reports and giving you COVID-19-specific updates and notifications. The government may also share the data with people providing medical and administrative interventions to help them in dispensing their duties effectively.

How long is the information retained by the government?

The government retains all the personal information given out during the time of registration, as long as you are active on the app or as per the law in force. The application may also collect and keep information on the mobile device for 30 days. If it is not uploaded to the server by this time, it is purged. The information of people who have not tested positive for COVID-19 will be purged after 45 days. In case a person has contracted the virus, the information is purged after 60 days from having been declared recovered from the virus.

How secure is the AarogyaSetu app?

The app has standard security features to protect your confidentiality and security. The personal data that you enter is stored on a secure server. All the data is encrypted during storage and transfer. The encryption does not let the users access the data of those they come in contact with.

The AarogyaSetu app has been made mandatory for many purposes, from travel to admission in government offices and public places. With its unique functionality, it can prove to be a valuable asset in controlling the pandemic.





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