7 Best Places in India to Experience the Best Diwali Celebration

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7 Best Places in India to Experience the Best Diwali Celebration

7 Best Places in India to Experience the Best Diwali Celebration

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7 Best Places in India to Experience the Best Diwali Celebration

Are you looking to spend Diwali away from home, in the lap of nature while you explore a new Indian destination? Here’s our list of 7 excellent places to spend Diwali 2018 in:


1 Tarkarli, Maharashtra.


Tarkarli is a beach town in Malwan, filled with the most scenic waterfronts in the State. It is a premier destination for sightseeing and water sports like scuba diving and deep-sea exploration. Take your family for a lazy beach holiday to Tarkarli, where you can eat sumptuous seafood, hire a boat and venture around the coastline, and burst Diwali crackers with the villagers in the town square.


2 Bodh Gaya, Bihar.


This is a sacred pilgrimage site in Bihar, home to Buddhist monks from many places. You can have a quiet, contemplative Diwali by yourself in this site, by visiting the wonderful Mahabodhi Tree under which Buddha is said to have achieved true enlightenment. There is a famous temple nearby as well. There is tremendous hustle and bustle here in November as many monks come to visit and the weather is cool as well.

3 Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh.


Another holy site but with much more activity during Diwali is Varanasi. Its superb ghats are worth a visit during November since they host a celebrated music festival here every year featuring the best Indian musicians. Dev Deepavali, or the Diwali of the Gods, is also observed here with maha aartis and countless diyas lighting up the steps leading to the Ganga river.


4 Bharatpur, Rajasthan.


If you like watching rare and migratory birds, then Diwali 2018 should be spent in Bharatpur. It has an excellent sanctuary, and November attracts scores of migratory local and international birds here. You can take pictures of pipits, geese, water birds and pelicans, too.


5 Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh.


Ujjain has a pleasant climate in November, which will revive your tired spirits as you visit the famous Mahakaleshwar temple next to a large lake. The temple features one of the 12 sacred jyotirlingas in India, and the temple was said to be built around it. Ujjain also offers many other sightseeing attractions.


6 Sunderbans, West Bengal.


Do you like hushed tranquility with the possibility of seeing a tiger hiding in the foliage, or a flock of birds suddenly taking flight? Then you should head to the Sunder bans this Diwali. The thick forests here are opened for sightseeing (within certain borders only) after the monsoon season is over, so going through the mangroves in the boat is not too difficult since the waters have more or less settled down.


7 Sanassar, J&K.


The cold mountain peaks, the freezing temperatures and the stunning beauty – Sanassar is full of nature’s bounties in abundance. You can go paragliding over the most gorgeous valleys in Kashmir, or trek and climb high peaks. Not many people venture here during November, so you can have a peaceful Diwali.
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