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First, lets talk about yourself

And about your child

What do you want Name to be

A Professor

A Media Professional

A Scientist

A Doctor

An Engineer

A Pilot

Child's Choice

{Name} would need money at an age

Where do you want {Name} to study

Average returns with lower risk
(e.g. PPF/NSC/Post office/Bank FD)

To fund 's education to be , with inflation @ 6%

A corpus of 12,79,757 * is required when turns 18 years in age

How much have you saved for him

2,00,000   saved 10,79,100   remaining
  • To achieve your target, you need additional monthly savings of 5,100
  • When turns , considering your savings, if you would go for an Education Loan for remaining amount of 10,79,100, you would end up paying 30,000 per month for 5 years to repay the loan (assuming 11.45% rate of interest)