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Who is a Life Mitra?

At SBI Life, a Life Mitra is committed to recommend life insurance products basis customers need. Watch now to get a glimpse of this friend i.e. Life Mitra who supports customers in their journey of pursuing dreams and managing responsibilities towards their love ones.

Watch now to get a glimpse of how they help fulfill millions of dreams and even go beyond.

Discover what’s in store for you

Take on this journey of being a Life Mitra if you want to

See how easy it is to become a Life Mitra

Becoming a Life Mitra is the first step to your journey filled with rewards, here are 4 easy steps to become one.

Who Can become a Life Mitra?

Anyone who is 18 years and above, with a minimum qualification of 10th Std from a recognized board and institute, with an aim to make it big in life

Your remuneration as a Life Mitra

A Life Mitra receives a monthly income complemented by performance-based incentives, which grow progressively with dedication and achievement of sales targets, ensuring increased earnings through commissions over time.

Life Mitra - a rewarding way to work

  • Professional and regular training sessions are closely monitored to enhance your skills
  • Rewarding career opportunity where Life Mitra enables consumers to safeguard their loved one's future
  • Earn credibility and trust by becoming the face of a company as renowned as SBI Life

What it's like working with SBI Life

Becoming a Life Mitra means joining one of India's top-ranked life insurers, known for its stability and growth as a publicly listed company. You'll thrive in a supportive environment that values both professional excellence and personal well-being, offering ample opportunities for career advancement while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

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You can join and succeed as an life insurance advisor if you meet the following critie

  • Above 18 years of age
  • Indian citizen living in India
  • Possess a minimum qualification of 10th Std from a recognized board and institute
  • Want to be your own boss

No, Life Advisors, also known as Life Mitra's at SBI Life Insurance, do not receive a fixed salary. Instead, there is a scheme that rewards your Hard Work with Monthly payouts upon meeting two simple conditions.

Becoming a Life Advisor is relatively straightforward but involves a few essential steps:

Minimum Qualifications: You need to have completed at least the 10th standard (secondary school education).

Age Requirement: You must be at least 18 years old.

Training Program: You must complete a mandatory training program, usually lasting around 25 hours. This training covers key topics like insurance products, sales techniques, and regulatory compliance.

Certification Exam: After the training, you must pass an exam to be certified as a Life Advisor.

Overall, the process is designed to be accessible, requiring dedication and a willingness to learn.

No, prior sales experience is not a requirement to become a Life Advisor. While having sales experience can be beneficial, SBI Life Insurance provides comprehensive training to equip new Life Advisors with the necessary skills and knowledge. But qualities such as strong communication skills, motivation, and the ability to build relationships with clients would be beneficial.

Flexible Working Hours - This flexibility enables Life Mitras to achieve a better work-life balance.

Unlimited Income Potential - A life advisor is directly rewarded for their hard work, dedication, and effectiveness in the role.

Support and Resources - We ensure our Life Mitras feel connected and supported, reducing the sense of isolation that can come with independent sales roles.

  • Stay active and purposeful post-retirement.
  • Earn additional income to support lifestyle.
  • Utilize extensive professional experience from the past.
  • Enjoy working at a personal pace.
  • Add a supplementary income stream.
  • Grow professional and business networks.
  • Increase business credibility with clients.
  • Seamlessly incorporate with current freelancing activities.
  • Utilize existing sales and negotiation skills or learn them on the job.
  • Gain early professional exposure.
  • Generate income while studying.
  • Acquire crucial skills in sales and finance.
  • Build valuable professional connections.
  • Continue ongoing professional commitments
  • Add another option to your comprehensive financial services.
  • Enhance revenue through commissions.
  • Build and strengthen professional connections.
  • Manage both home and work with flexibility.
  • Achieve financial independence and self-reliance.
  • Gain sales and communication skills.
  • Capitalise on opportunities to build a broader social network.
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