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उपकरण और कैलकुलेटर

Child Education Planner

To help you determine investments you need to make regularly in order to fulfill your little one's dream

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Retirement Planner

To help you continue celebrating your life post-retirement to the fullest, a tool that helps you plan for your retirement days better!

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Need Analysis Planner

A holistic life planner that suggests the right amount of insurance and plans based on your unique needs.

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Goal Planner

To help you determine investments you need to make regularly in order to fulfill your goal

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Cost of Smoking

Use this calculator to find out the financial implications of smoking.

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Future Cost Planner

Calculator the future value of your goals and plan for them

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Future value of monthly savings

Estimate the future value of your monthly savings today!

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Personal Tax Rate

Find out the amount of tax you need to pay for the financial year 2018-19

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Power of Compounding

See how much your money can grow over time through the power of compounding.

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Family Maintenance Planner

Plan your investments better to provide for your family in the future

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Health Tax Saving

Celebrate your life by safeguarding your health and save tax as well

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Marriage Financial Planner

Calculate the amount of insurance/ investment you require to fund your child’s marriage

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Present Value of Future Income

Find out the present value of your future income / cash flow

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Risk Analyzer & Asset Allocator

Are you a conservative or an aggressive risk taker? Find out your investment profile.

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Section 80C Tax Calculator

Find out how much tax you can save by understanding the benefits under Section 80 (C).

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Time to Double Your Money

Find out how long it will take you to double an amount of money you have at hand

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Your Personal Financial Planner

Find out how much money you need to save / invest to meet a life goal?

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