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Financial Disclosure

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    Shareholders Information

    AGMs and EGMs Notices
    Shareholding Patterns
    Corporate Announcements

    Analyst/Investor Meetings
    Outcome of Board Meetings/AGMs/EGMs
    Corporate Policies and Code of Conducts
    Corporate Policies
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    • Familiarization Policy for Independent Directors
    • Policy on materiality and on dealing with Related Party Transactions
    • Corporate Social Responsibility Policy
    • Dividend Distribution Policy
    • Policy for determination of materiality for events
    • Whistle Blower Policy
    Other Disclosures
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    • Code of Practices and Procedures for Fair Disclosure of Unpublished Price Sensitive Information
    • Risk to Investors
    • Terms and Conditions of appointment of Independent Directors
    • Code of Conduct & Ethics for Directors and Senior Management Personnel
    • Familiarization Programme for Independent Directors
    • Committee Composition
    • List of Creditors as on June 30 2017

    Stakeholders and Analysts

    Email :

    Contact Person:
    Mr. Sangramjit Sarangi, President & Chief Financial Officer
    Phone Number - 022 – 6191 0281

    Investor Grievances

    Email :

    Contact Person:
    Mr. Nimesh Maniyar, Company Secretary
    Phone Number - 022 – 6191 0047
    Fax Number - 022 – 6191 0517

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