Thanksadot | Breast cancer awareness initiative by SBI Life

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Breast Cancer Awareness in India #ThanksADot - Women Empowerment

Breast Cancer Awareness Month SBI Life #ThanksADot

Being self-prepared is a habit! This Breast Cancer Awareness Month say #ThanksADot to breast health. Make a promise to yourself to self-examine breast at least 10 mins every month and stay one step closer to early lump detection. The power to protect your health is in your hands!

A first-of-its-kind hot water bag for breast self-examination - Thanks A Dot

Are you curious to learn how the Hug of Life can teach you a life-saving skill ?

If yes, then it’s time to take a step towards your health by ordering your kit today! Prepare yourself for a complete breast self-examination at home by giving your fingers the power of early lump detection with Thanks A Dot.

Join the cause to fight Breast Cancer together

Millions of women suffer from late detection of Breast Cancer, but millions of women also use a hot water bag every month. Project Hug of Life is a unique opportunity for manufacturers, corporate houses, and retailers to come together to fight Breast Cancer in a way like never seen before.

While training the fingertips for breast cancer lump detection, these hot water bags also serve as a reminder for monthly breast self-examinations.

SBI Life is proudly releasing this design to collaborations from all these quarters:

- Manufacturers/Retailers of rubber & silicon products

- Corporate CSR departments

- Corporate HR departments

- Corporate Marketing departments

Together, we can reach millions. Together, we can make a greater impact.

What is Thanks-A-Dot?

An easy-to use, breast self-examination module to detect early signs of lump formation.

Breast cancer in India accounts for 14% of all cancers in India

Every 4 minutes , a woman in India receives a diagnosis of breast cancer.

1,78,361 new cases of breast cancer were registered in the year 2020

Epidemiological studies show that the global burden of Breast Cancer is expected to cross almost 2 million by the year 2030.

Most importantly, if detected earlier, breast cancer is curable.

SBI Life Insurance presents Thanks A Dot, an innovation developed using Braille as an inspiration which is the most successful tactile learning system in the world for those who are visually impaired. It is powered with the knowledge of real breast cancer mammograms. A specially developed 3D-shaping algorithm gives us averaged-lump shapes to practice self-exam and improve self-detection - all presented as an easy-to-understand language.

Why is breast self-examination necessary?

As per research,

25%of all breast cancers are found as a result of self-examination

Screening mammograms generally miss about 20% of breast cancers that are present at the time of screening

Over of

90 % women are aware that the most common indication of breast cancer is a lump in the breasts

Only of

38 % women regularly conduct breast self-examination

A critical part of being aware of your breast health is to ensure that you are performing regular breast self-examinations. Timely lump detection is good, but early lump detection is better!

Steps to conduct breast self-examination.

Why is financial planning necessary for Breast Cancer Treatment?

Almost 40 % cancer treatments are financed by borrowing from friend/ sale of assets/ personal loans

Almost 50 % of people diagnosed with cancer are working age.

About 50 % of low-income households raise greater proportion of the cancer treatment expenditure via distressed means.

The physical and mental care needed for breast cancer treatment is only possible if financial security is taken care of. With financial preparedness you can focus on what matters most - your health and wellness.

SBI Life - Sampoorn Cancer Suraksha (UIN: 111N109V03)

Shield your future from cancer worries

Key Benefits

An Individual, Non-Participating, Non-Linked Health Insurance Pure Risk Premium Product.

*Standard, Classic and Enhanced benefit structures to cover different stages of Cancer starting from Minor Stage Cancer (Carcinoma in Situ (CIS) & Early Stage cancer) to Major Stage Cancer and Advanced Stage Cancer.

#Based on the benefits structure chosen. ##A service which enables life assured, to receive second opinion of their diagnosis and treatment plans by another doctor. This service would be provided on the diagnosis of cancer and CIS only, provided the policy is in-force. Services are provided by Mediguide India.

Apne Liye. Apno Ke Liye.

Using Thanks A Dot helps you learn a life-saving skill that can help with early lump detection and significantly improve your chances of survival. Become breast care confident Apne Liye, Apno Ke Liye, because your loved ones emotional, physical and financial well-being lies in your good health.



This initiative is issued in public interest by SBI Life to create general awareness about breast cancer and to suggest a preliminary tool that may help women with early lump detection by self-examination. In no way this tool should be considered as a substitute to medical advice. We make no representation or warranty, express or implied, regarding the accuracy, reliability or use of the tool, You are advised to consult a medical expert in case of any doubts. This tool is not meant for cancer cure.