Q1. What is your monthly income scale?

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Q2. How many family members/dependents are you responsible for?

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Q3. What scale of your household income is spent on monthly payments of liabilities (such as EMI, rent, mortgage or loans)?

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Q4. Do you and your family members have active health insurance?

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Q5. Do you and your family members have active life insurance (such as term plan, critical illness plan, etc.) ?

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Q6. What financial impact did COVID-19 have in your household?

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Q7. How frequently do you or your family members visit the doctors?

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Q8. Do you or your family members battle any critical illnesses? (such as arthritis, mild colestrol, obesity, allergies, glaucoma, etc.)

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Q9. Are you financially prepared to takecare of the rising treatment cost towards any critical illnesses?

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Q10. In case of any unforeseen situation, how long can you and your family sustain on your liquid savings?

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Q11. How many long-term investments do you have which can safeguard any future needs, for you or your family? (Select one or more)

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Q12. Are your dependents/nominees aware about your investments?

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