Get Protection and savings in one plan
SBI Life – Smart Bachat (UIN: 111N108V01)
Product Code: 2D

This limited premium payment plan offers


to financially safeguard yourself and your family


with simple reversionary bonuses throughout the policy term


to choose your premium payment term and policy term
  • Life insurance coverage through two plan options

  • Simple reversionary bonuses throughout the policy term

  • Option of inbuilt premium waiver benefit

  • Choose between four premium payment terms and a wide range of policy term

  • Security

    Financially protect you and your family in case of any eventuality with two options

    1. Option A : Endowment Option

    2. Option B : Endowment Option with in-built Accidental Death and Total Permanent Disability (AD&TPD) Benefit

  • Reliability
    1. Build your corpus through regular simple reversionary bonuses

    2. Premium waiver on Accidental Total & Permanent Disability (only for Option B)

  • Flexibility
    1. Opt for a policy term according to your insurance needs

    2. Choose premium payment term as per your convenience

  • Avail tax benefits*
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