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SBI life - Swarna Jeevan
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Key Features
Eligibility Criteria
What are the Annuity Options Available?
SBI Life Insurance introduces "SBI Life - Swarna Jeevan" a Group Immediate Annuity Plan for Corporate Clients (ie.Employer-Employee groups) and other Group Administrators, who wish to purchase annuity to provide for their annuity liability (existing or emerging or both) totally/partially from SBI Life
The annuity payment to members starts immediately as per the payout frequency chosen.
Key Features:

Wide choice of annuity Options to suit your members needs
Option to customize annuity options based on your scheme rules
Better Annuity rates for large premiums
Flexibility to choose the periodicity of annuity payment to each member: Annual, Half yearly, Quarterly and Monthly
Eligibility Criteria:
Age at Entry:
  For Member : 30 to 85 Years as on last birthday
  For Spouse : 18 to 85 Years as on last birthday
In case of joint life annuity, the maximum age difference allowed between primary and secondary life is 30 years.
Group Size
  Min : 10 Members or less, provided the group size reaches 10 over the course of the first policy year for approved group superannuation schemes and 50 Members for other groups. For new non-compulsory schemes, the minimum number of members required at inception would be 10.
  Max : No Limit
  Minimum Annuity amount will be Rs. 12,000/- per person per annum.
What are the Annuity Options Available?

A variety of Options to choose from:
Single Annuity
  Life Annuity
  Life annuity with refund of Purchase price
  Life annuity with refund of balance Purchase price
  Annuity certain for 5 to 35 years and annuity for life thereafter
  Increasing Life annuity (Simple increasing)
Joint Annuity
  Joint life (last survivor) annuity
  Joint life (last survivor) annuity with refund of purchase price
  Joint life annuity certain for 5 to 35 years and joint life (last survivor) annuity thereafter
Please read the Sales literature for detailed features of the annuity options.
These are only the brief features of the plan. For more details on risk factors, terms and conditions please read the sales brochure carefully before concluding a sale.
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